2 Paleo Panini Breads on plate

Paleo Panini Bread Recipe


Paleo Panini Bread Recipe made with Grain Free Everything Dough.  Tastes like fresh Naan bread. Grain free, gluten free and dairy free. Check out the new and improved Grain Free Everything Dough 2.0 E-Book HERE with many more exclusive recipes!




  1. Pre-heat Panini Grill for 7 minutes.
  2. Divide Grain Free Everything Dough into 4 balls of dough.  Grab a ball of dough and store the remainder in a zip-lock bag.
  3. Dust the ball of dough with tapioca flour and roll into a disk.  The disk should be 1/2” thick and 7 1/2 ” long.  See above photos for reference.
  4. Use a spatula to place panini into panini press.  Close press and allow to cook until light changes, about 2 minutes.  Remove Paleo Panini with a spatula.  Repeat with remaining dough and serve warm.  Use panini as Naan Bread or cut in half for a sandwich.

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